Louis Ng — On A Beach


Presenting On A Beach, chill progressive goodness made by Louis Ng, a professional music producer, pianist, composer, and DJ from Columbus currently residing in Los Angeles.


On A Beach is a progressive house track that I started working on sometime in July of 2010. This is modeled after my remix of Kaskade’s Dynasty, utilizing a repeated 16th note pattern with a sweeping bass line melody. I wasn’t inspired to finish this song until I visited a beach in San Diego later that year in December. After returning back to Columbus, Ohio, I immediately crafted this song to resemble the waves and sunset I experienced on the beach.

I find this track very refreshing and energizing, so if you like it put it in your playlist for rainy days to remind you of next summer :)

For more of Louis Ng’s productions, check out his SoundCloud page.

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