House Around the World 6

House Around the World 6

The sixth House Around the World is back after a three week break with some banging tunes. A few truly deep tracks to start it up, a couple of Indian entries for the first time here, and loads of ethnic goodness. Starting now, the audio files will be 320kbps mp3s. Track of the week is Hot As Hell by Drop the Lime.

Make sure you play this on a good system with solid bass or a nice pair of headphones. No laptop speakers. And, no, the default earbuds that came with your iPod aren’t good. For 320kbps audio quality, subscribe in iTunes.

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  1. Marco Carola – Groove Catcher (Martin Buttrich Catcher Remix)
  2. Daniel Steinberg – Chintonic (Extended Mix)
  3. Marco Passarani & Sacco – Flora (Livio & Roby Ce Face Remix)
  4. Metodi Hristov – I Hate Latino
  5. Rene Amesz – Balanceo
  6. Rick Sanders – Mademoiselle
  7. Monkey Safari – Bamboolica
  8. Hanna Hais – Rosa Nova (Sergio Flores 2010 Re-Medix)
  9. Piek & Danny Serrano – Je Ne Veux Plus (Siwell Remix)
  10. JJ Faro – Walking In Oslo (JJ’s Club Rework)
  11. D-Rashid ft. Lex Empress – O Verao (Nick & Danny Chatelain Mix)
  12. Filthy Rich – Juju
  13. Robbie Moroder & Oriol Farre – Polka (Victor Magan Remix)
  14. Frank Lk – Mani Tera (Loko Remix)
  15. My Digital Enemy – Tomba
  16. Jason Rivas – The Magic Lamp (Vocal Mix)
  17. Drop The Lime – Hot As Hell (Yolanda Be Cool Remix) track of the week

House Around the World is back after three weeks, hopefully you had enough time to catch up to all the episodes you may have missed. At least you can now listen to the tracks in 320kbps.

Revving up into a pumping tech house beat for the opening of this week’s podcast is Martin Buttrich’s remix of Groove Catcher by Italian producer Marco Carola on Minus Recordings. Beautifully arranged intro followed by a uniquely syncopated beat.

The first two entries to HATW with a taste of the Indian subcontinent are German producer Daniel Steinberg‘s Chintonic (Front Room Recordings) and Frank Lk’s Mani Tera (Dutchie Music) as remixed by Loko from Argentina. The former has an insane bass-line aside from a minor cheese factor and the latter goes well into the deep house realm.

Next up is Romanian duo Livio & Roby‘s remix of Marco Passarani & Sacco’s Flora on Desolat records. Memorable deep house, intriguing with its plethora of matching sounds. You may remember the duo’s Columbus debut in March of 2010 if you got a chance to make it to good old Bristol. They built up immense dancefloor energy with minimal techno on vinyl Berlin-style in a city with virtually no scene for it.

You probably know by now that I can’t go by without my shameless Bulgarian plug, so here are two tracks of it. Bulgarian native Metodi Hristov‘s I Hate Latino (Great Stuff Recordigns) features a pure and jumpy tech house beat coupled to that well known Latin-style electronic organ sound. Right after is Balanceo by Dutch producer Rene Amesz, which does magical things with the same Bulgarian folkore sample that we saw in HATW 2 with Dirty Culture’s Bal.kan.

You’ll hear two more tech house bombs, Mademoiselle by Rick Sanders and yet another brilliant production from Monkey Safari, Bamboolica on What! What! Records.

After these two, we take a different direction with slightly softer tracks like the Sergio Flores remix of Rosa Nova on Defected Records. Very successful sampling of the sax tune. Following is a French entry taking us into the deep – Je Ne Veux Plus by Piek & Danny Serrano as remixed by Siwell.

The Scandinavian peninsula is next to get its initiation entry in HATW with JJ Faro‘s Walking in Oslo, released on Clubstar. This track features some unusual and quite interesting instrumentation combined with the no-less peculiar ‘walking in Oslo’ vocals.

The Brazilian groove is ushered in by D-Rashid & Lex Empress’s O Verão on Defected Records. Filthy Rich’s Juju on Great Stuff Recordings brings back the funky tech house mood with its brass instrumental parts. Changing the direction yet again is Tomba by My Digital Enemy, which sets the mood for the closing track, which is also track of the week. Drop The Lime‘s production Hot as Hell (Ultra) redefines the boundaries of what a constitutes a solid house track. Rock’n'roll, harmonicas, and Westerns all the way.

Enjoy the music!


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