House Around the World 5

House Around the World 5

The fifth House Around the World comes around the corner as Tech House is topping Beatport once again! Track of the week is Vlada Asanin’s Balkan Boy.

Make sure you play this on a good system with solid bass or a nice pair of headphones. No laptop speakers. And, no, the default earbuds that came with your iPod aren’t good. I’m super serial!

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  1. Gramophonedzie – Out of My Head (Libex Remix)
  2. Nicone & Tazaka – Anomachi
  3. Ramon Tapia – This Groove
  4. Rauschhaus – Afolabi
  5. Bass Kleph – I’ll Be OK (Superskank Remix)
  6. Vlada Asanin – Balkan Boy track of the week
  7. Nicolas Ojesto & Javi Reina – Chikita feat. King Xamelo (Vlada Asanin DBlaster Remix)
  8. Manuel De La Mare & Marshall – Tam Tam
  9. Dik Lewis – Rise Up 2011 feat Danna Leese (Marsal Ventura & Aritz Remix)
  10. Stoneyes – La Frisa (Da Fresh & Petronelli Remix)
  11. Asino Di Medico – Para Del Klak

The opener for this week is a production from Belgrade’s Marko Miličević, commonly known as Gramophonedzie. Out of My Head is remarkably fresh, quite in the same realm of swing-infused Tech House as his chart topper Why Don’t You, but it’s somewhat deeper and rather chill.

Yet another track with a swing breakdown is Anomachi by Berlin-based producer Niconé and Japanese (?) Tazaka. Excellent release from Philip Bader’s Dantze. This time we’ve got lyrics in Japanese; あの街 (“Ano Machi”) is Japanese for “that town.” If I had to guess, that town is Tokyo.

Next up is a funk/disco banger from Ramon Tapia, a Chilean residing in Belgium who happens to be the eleventh most charted artist of all time on Resident Advisor. Few can beat Tapia’s production sophistication, just pay close attention as you listen to this one and you will be rewarded. He has managed to revive a classic house bass phrase to what is still contemporary today.

Moving into African tribal zone, here is Afolabi by German producer Rauschhaus. Pumping tech bass and notable percussion and samples throughout. The choral vocals are catchy, as well.

Bass Kleph is back to House Around the World with I’ll Be OK. Remixed by Superskank, this track is hardly skanky. There’s a lot going on in this one. A plethora of different samples here: male and female vocals, trumpets, “…so, no matter if you’re playing real loud or real soft, take nice deep breaths.” It all fits perfectly on top of the solid song structure.

Balkan Boy grabs the spotlight this week. Vlada Asanin, another producer from Belgrade (but residing in Madrid), has taken this traditional brass Balkan tune to a new level. Alp vs. Outwork were close, but not quite there. It sounds much better without the cheesy vocals in my opinion, and Asanin did a much better job producing this. He also has a great tribal remix of Chikita by Spanish producers Javi Reina and Nicolas Ojesto.

Manuel De La Mare, also known as The Man has teamed up with Italian producer Luigi Rocca (Marshall) to create what is today the third most downloaded track on Beatport. After that is Rise Up by Spanish producer Dik Lewis. There are plenty of remixes out on this track, but the one by Marsal Ventura and Aritz has excellent tribal beats that do the track justice.

Accordions are rather fashionable in house and La Frisa brings out a melodious accordion tune. Does the bass trombone remind you of this?

The conclusion this time is much harder than usual; sometimes you’ve got to go hard. Para Del Klak by Asino Di Medico could easily be the gateway drug for electro heads into Tech House.

Enjoy the tracks and see you next time.



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  1. Rocketnerd says:

    I never heard the opening track until just now, and I was like “That’s Libex, isn’t it?”

    Always uses that drum pattern.

  2. Paul "Bono" says:

    love the new artwork for House Around The World

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