House Around the World 4

House Around the World 4

The fourth House Around the World is here, albeit a bit late. This week we have plenty of African, Progressive, a little European, and even Disco. The track of the week is Tube & Berger’s Free Tribe.

Make sure you play this on a good system with solid bass or a nice pair of headphones. No laptop speakers. And, no, the default earbuds that came with your iPod aren’t good. I’m super serial!

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  1. Wareika – Rumba Swing
  2. Pigi & Pirupa – Natamba
  3. Domenico Modugno – Vecchio Frack (Joe T Vannelli Edit)
  4. Keemani – Klama
  5. Tube & Berger – Free Tribe track of the week
  6. David Vendetta,Brian Lucas – Can You Feel It (Belocca’s Magic In Break Remix)
  7. Sultan & Ned Shepard,Maher Daniel – Pink Panther
  8. Chocolate Puma – Tonco Tone
  9. Mick Zakon & La Rez – In Bed With Maradona
  10. Butch – No worries (re-cut)
  11. Bara Bröst – Orient Express (Dole & Kom Remix)
  12. Timo Garcia, Amber Jolene – Lady Luck City Lights (Matt Lange Remix)
  13. David Jones, Ron May – Drinking Piano (David Jones Mix)
  14. Treasure Fingers – Lift Me

The opener for this week is Rumba Swing by Hamburg-based Wareika, a chill Deep House track with real instruments. Quote straight from the label, Phonica Records:

Perfectly jazz infected, with of course a healthy measure of that Rhumba timing, this lazy, psychedelic journey track meanders through lush fields of guitar improvisations, tumbling drums, piano refrains and eerie pitching elements, all neatly strung together with Wareika’s impeccable production.

A total of three African tracks this week, all very techy and tribal. They’re actually from the same release, It Began in Africa Vol. 2 on Kittball. I encourage you all to buy it! Not just because it’s amazing — all profits made from the sale of this compilation will be donated to the African Children’s Choir and used for their programs.

The first African track is Natamba by Italian producers Pigi and Pirupa. Samples from an African chior, nature sounds, pulsing percussion pattern with nice syncopation here and there, loud and techy bass. Another of these tracks Free Tribe by Germany’s Tube & Berger. You may have heard their track Straight Ahead which topped Billboard in 2004. Free Tribe is also the Track of the Week. Pumping bass and very euphonious African vocal. The third track from the charity release (have you bought it yet?) is In Bed With Maradona by Frankfurt-based Mick Zakon & La Rez. I’m not entirely sure why anyone would want to go to bed with Maradona and intimately experience the Hand of God; he would undoubtedly love to score with it again… Um, yeah, it’s a nice track though.

You’ll also hear Italian producer Joe T Vannelli’s remix of Domenico Modugno’s classic Vecchio Frack. Excellent remix, but Vannelli could have corrected the pitch of Modugno’s whistling. Seriously, how can you sing so well and have such out of tune whistling?? Next is Klama by Italian producer Keemani. It’s got a very catchy vocal part and string phrase. Lots of Italian producers this time..

Can You Feel It by French producer David Vendetta and Brian Lucas takes us a bit into Progressive Land. It’s an interesting blend of tribal and progressive. After that is Sultan & Ned Shepard’s remix of the Pink Panther Theme by Henry Mancini (born in Cleveland #ohiostandup). I have yet to see a bad production of these guys. And next is Tonco Tone by Chocolate Puma. It was no surprise that this one made it in Beatport’s top 10. According to the duo, Tonco Tune is all about having fun and not taking things to seriously. The parts with trumpets are hard to forget after you hear them.

No Worries by German producer Butch was rated as the top track of 2010 by Beatportal.

Butch’s smash “No Worries” worked so well in part for the way it cut across scenes, with chunky percussion and super-low subs to please minimal house kids, disco flourishes for the traditionalists, and even a touch of diva vox to bring back the spirit of Basement Jaxx in their prime. It was simply the kind of tune that everyone could get behind—celebratory, and yet restrained enough that it wasn’t annoying to hear it rinsed for the umpteenth time.

Dole & Kom have made a great remix of Orient Express by German minimalist Bara Bröst. In case you didn’t know the Orient Express was a train between Paris and Istanbul which ran throughout the 20th century. Back to Progressive Land, we’ve got Lady Luck City Lights by London-based Timo Garcia; vocals by Amber Jolene. Excellent vocals and lyrics.

To finish it up we have Drinking Piano by David Jones and Ron May. While there might be a small cheese factor here, it’s still a nice energetic and happy track. The last track is Lift Me by Treasure Fingers. Disco House FTW!

Enjoy the music, and check back for the next edition next Friday.


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