House Around the World 1

House Around the World 1

This is the first installment of House Around the World, a podcast featuring house tracks selected and mixed by Bobsan every Friday. Tracks are picked either for their ethnic and multicultural samples and rhythms, or to showcase house producers from all corners of the globe. Much will be offered to the fans of Tribal sounds. The author will also include other tracks that he finds musically compelling.

The first episode of House Around the World is a special two-hour mix presenting some essential house tracks from all around the world, some classics, as well as a couple of fresh releases.

Make sure you play this on a good system with solid bass or a nice pair of headphones. No laptop speakers. And, no, the default earbuds that came with your iPod aren’t good. I’m super serial!

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  1. Kosheen & Martin Eyerer – Your Move (Mihalis Safras Remix)
  2. Baggi Begovic – The Chant (Saeed Younan Remix)
  3. Dario Nuñez, DJ Fist – Pajaros Del Monte
  4. Luca M – Grumpli
  5. The BeatThiefs – Umbungo (Chocolate Puma Remix)
  6. Umek – Novi Sad track of the week
  7. That Kid Chris (Chris Staropoli) – The African (Jungle Groove Mix)
  8. Francesco Rossi – Princesa (Sorrento Terrace Mix)
  9. Denis Horvat & Mike Cortez – Cultura Indiana
  10. Lützenkirchen – Kansas City Shuffle
  11. Felix Grant, Gregor Es – Trombona
  12. Avicii – Malo
  13. Tuccillo feat. Patty Pravo – La Bambola (Sickindividuals Remix)
  14. Matteo DiMarr – Obia
  15. Will Gold – Swing Time (David Jones Edit)
  16. Mekki Martin – Tabarin Night (Chris Montana Tribal Mix)
  17. Laidback Luke & Gregor Salto Ft Mavis Acquah – Step By Step (Prok & Fitch Remix)
  18. Roland P – Vuvuzela (Canard Remix)
  19. F.Physical – Ke Ke
  20. Alex Sandrino And Milton Channels – Brazilian Girls (Alex Sandrino Mix)
  21. Sebjak Vs. Bob Sinclar – Bigger Holds On (Pedro Henriques Bootleg)
  22. Stefano Noferini – Burujava (Original Vibes Mix)
  23. Stan Kolev – Farewell

To start it off, we’ve got a remix of Kosheen and Martin Eyerer’s Your Move by the Athenian techno producer Mihalis Safras. In case you haven’t heard of Kosheen, it’s the Bristol-based trio that made the 2001 anthems Catch and Hide U. Sian Evans still manages to deliver on some sexy vocals. Very techy and deep groove featuring well-picked African percussion for a tribal sound.

Next up is The Chant by Bosnian Baggi Begovic who is now one of the big names in Holland. Saeed Younan, who recently made #1 on Beatport’s top downloads with Yeah Ha, has a remix of it with loads of bass compared to the original. On another note, Baggi’s version of Smells Like Teen Spirit is #3 on Beatport today; check it out. Adding some Latin spice is Pajaros Del Monte by Spain’s Dario Nuñez and DJ Fist. And bringing in massive bass to the equation is Grumpli by Romanian producer Luca M. Listen for the realistic drum samples on this one. To chop up the rhythm a bit, we’ve got Chocolate Puma‘s remix of Umbungo by The Beatthiefs.

This week’s track of the week is Novi Sad by Slovenia’s musical mastermind Umek. The melody in the core of the track is a traditional example of a Balkan wind instrument tune. Listen closely for the occasional samples of dissonant phrases by female choirs, which are a common element in folk music of the region. Novi Sad is a Serbian city on the Danube and is home to the Exit festival, one of the largest open-air electronic music events in Europe.

The African by That Kid Chris and Princesa by Italian Francesco Rossi are solid examples of Tribal House. Check out the whistling melody in the former one. Representing the Indian subcontinent is Cultura Indiana by Denis Horvat (Denmark) and Mike Cortez (Poland). Brilliant Tech House with many Tribal elements. Munich-based minimalist Tobias Lützenkirchen brings us back to the Balkans with Kansas City Shuffle with its catchy sax sample. An essential track by him is 3 Tage Wach, which made it big in 2008. You can never get enough Balkan-sounding tunes, so next is Trombona by Polish Gregor Es.

Tim Bergling from Sweden, or Avicii, has made it big in the music industry. With Malo he has managed to turn a latin tune with Flamenco elements into a big room anthem. Likewise, Spanish-based Giuseppe Tuccillo brings back the Italian pop classic La Bambola by Patty Pravo on today’s dancefloors with a banging house remix that has some soft Electro House elements. Going back to Tribal and Tech land, we’ve got Obia by Toronto-based Matteo DiMarr. This one features an actual African tribal chant in the breakdown, that results in a very suspenseful buildup.

In the theme of We No Speak Americano, producers Will Gold and David Jones bring you Swing Time, a track based on an old-time swing song. In my opinion, this is a much better alternative to Yolanda Be Cool and DCUP’s hit. Next up is Chris Montana’s Tribal Mix of Tabarin Night by Czech producer Mekki Martin. Another wonderful Tech House track with lots of tribalism, perhaps named after the historic Parisian nightclub.

The next track is all around the world and many big names are involved in its creation. Philippines-born Laidback Luke, Brazilian-born producer Gregor Salto, and Mavis Acquah who was born to parents from Ghana and Indonesia; all Netherlands-based. And UK-based remixers Prok & Fitch… What you get is a Progressive House tune with some tech elements, some tribal percussion, and notably a big room anthem that rocked 2009.

A sound that the West has recently deemed annoying has made its way into a killer tech/progressive track by Roland P. The vuvuzela, a South African horn, is the symbol of South African soccer. Many TV reporters and viewers complained during the past World Cup from the loud noise the vuvuzelas made. Another big African entry is Ke Ke by F.Physical, a recent rework of Guinean musician Mory Kanté’s Yeke Yeke.

Everybody loves Brazilian Girls. Especially producers Alex Sandrino (Netherlands) and Milton Channels (Colombia). If you don’t, this high-energy tech track might change your mind.

In case you slept through 2006, or for some other reason missed Bob Sinclair’s World Hold On, a producer by the name Pedro Henriques has a bootleg mashup of it with Bigger by Sweden’s Sebjak. Very powerful. Next is Burujava by Stefano Noferini (Italy). This track is composed solely of percussion and bass… and a guy who says “hey.” This is why I love Tech House.

Farewell by Bulgarian-born Stan Kolev concludes this week’s episode. Slow progressive, and very chill; featuring Bulgarian folk vocals.

That’s it for this week; make sure to check back next week for more House Around the World.


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